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Mind Movies Matrix Review

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Product: Mind Movies

Creator: Natalie Ledwell

Niche: Personal Development


First check out this Mind Movies Matrix Quiz below

Do you want to either:

  1. lose weight, 7-15 pounds  or more
  2. sleep better, more relaxed and not worry over loans like car or mortgage payments?
  3. improve your relationships with your loved ones and in your work related network?
  4. get rid of beliefs that are failing your outer success?

I have news for you….

your inner success and mindset changes could free you from your fruitless attempts to change your life. And it starts with your past that may be haunting you like it was with me….

Free Yourself From Your Past In 30 Seconds

When it comes to your career and finances:

Have you ever found yourself instinctively reacting to
certain situations…

Saying certain things…

Giving into certain habits…

Or making certain choices…

That almost immediately leave you frustrated and
disappointed in yourself, as you wonder:

“Why the heck did I do that???”

mind movies

According to my friend Natalie Ledwell – the founder of
Mind Movies, one of the web’s biggest human potential
movements – these uncontrollable impulses are almost
always caused by a phenomenon she calls…

[Negative Childhood Imprints.]

Screenshot 2016-03-20 at 11.38.56 PM


mind movies

The most dangerous thing about them?

They work in the background like a computer virus, so
you don’t even know they’re there or how they’re holding
you back.

The first step to overcoming these Imprints is to know
what they are.

Screenshot 2016-03-20 at 11.36.09 PM

In just 30 seconds.

mind movies

Try it now, the results may surprise you:

[Click here to take Natalie’s new 30-second Negative
Childhood Imprint quiz.]

There are FOUR types of Negative Childhood
Imprints that affect everyone in different combinations.

mind movies matrix review

Screenshot 2016-03-20 at 11.41.58 PM

[Take the quiz, uncover your no. 1 Negative Childhood
Imprint… and erase it forever.]

My name is Hans, and once I was angry too subconciously….

I didn’t even know it!

Even as I played the cello, one of the most beautiful instruments one can play….

I was struggling with success…

mind movies

But once I changed my self limiting beliefs, I was able garnish prizes in music and travel the world…..

in the After picture,  I am recieving a cash prize in China….

It was the same with entrepreneurial mindset….

It didn’t matter…..


It was a GENERAL LIFE TREND that was dragging me down:

like a computer virus making the computer weak and slow

mind movies

BEFORE: I had limited beliefs of success

AFTER: I was able to let go of my fears and enjoy my life of abundance….

  • stop being a “worrier”
  • and take the risks I needed to in my business.

( another picture of me and my girlfriend in Napa)

10405618_140318239636019_4302859245883978409_n (1)

What is Mind Movies Matrix

Mind Movies Matrix is just as unbelievable as the movie “The Matrix.” It is brainwave entertainment programming which is an advancement of the mind movies, fused with subliminal technology to influence the mind to achieve a number of goals which you would normally struggle to achieve.

Before you register it as some form of

  • hypnosis or
  • NLP…

you should know that it is not any of the two.

This is the result of harnessing the power of subconscious programming technology to achieve mental transformation and the ultimate goal of success in life and a number of endeavors.
There are 4 main points of focus in the program, these are;

  1. Money,
  2. Weight loss,
  3. relationships and
  4. the perfect partner.

It is a product of Mind movies with Morry Zelcovitch taking the lead in bringing this product to life along with a team of professionals in different fields.

Who are the founders?

Mind Movies Matrix was designed at the Mindmovies Headquarters with Natalie Ledwell and Morry Zelcovitch at the forefront of the design.
Morry Zelcovitch is brainwave entertainment expert and he worked with the Brazilian fighting military, training officers to reach their extreme abilities within a very short amount of time.


He uses sound technology which employs

  • delta,
  • alpha and
  • theta waves

which can influence brain activity. Morry is an expert in this field and the Brazilian military officers who he worked with can testify to the effectiveness of this technology.
Morry Zelcovitch partnered with the team at MindMovies to design this Mind Movie Matrix program. He worked there for 2 years on this project.

Earlier in his life, Morry suffered with a condition that had him hearing thousands of voices in his head, he later realized those were actually sounds and he decided to carry out in-depth study into these sounds which lead him to become a professional sound engineer with particular concentration on brainwave entertainment which is why he was able to create the Mind Movies Matrix.


Natalie Ledwell the Co-founder of Mind Movies, is a renowned motivational speaker and author of a bestselling book, Law of Attraction guru and the host of “The Inspiration Show”


Screenshot 2016-03-20 at 11.32.24 PM

Natalie has managed a number of successful businesses and Mind Movies Matrix is one of them. The program offers people the chance to lead lives fulfilled with joy happiness and passion.

Screenshot 2016-03-20 at 11.29.50 PM

Mind Movie Matrix review and Story

I don’t know much about the science involved in this and how it works. I simply tried it out based on recommendations from a friend and a number of positive reviews about it. Naturally I was skeptical about the whole thing but I was also curious which is why I gave it a try.

I was struggling with a mortgage…

At the time that I purchased it, I was struggling with a mortgage after a few deals that went bad.

Morry Zelcovitch

I was on the verge of depression and just didn’t seem to see a way out.

It was seemingly….A DEAD end!


mind movies matrix

I started using the Mind Movie Matrix with the hope that my life will improve, in just 6 months, I noticed a positive change in my life, I seemed to have more positive energy despite the problems I was facing.

I was able to rebuild my business much stronger and I convinced the bank to give me more money to invest in my business which is now doing quite well.

mind movies matrix review

It was like having a full-time personal coach to help me piece my finances together. I really have never been this positive and happy in life until I purchased Mind Movie Matrix.

Bonuses, you ask?


From me you’ll get the 199 dollar course

How to get bonuses? sign up below and you’ll get the course or email me BONUS at hkgoldstein at gmail.com


The program comes with 2 exciting bonuses:

  1. – Mind Mastery World Summit Seminar Recordings: these DVDs are usually sold at 249 dollars but with the Mind Movie Matrix, you will get this free online. It includes presentations by some of the greatest motivational speakers including Bob Doyle, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf and many more.
  2. – Annual Access to the incredible Subliminal Success Accelerator Support system which saves you a monthly fee of $37. Here you get all the help you need from Natalie to ensure you reach your goal. She will answer all your questions all year round.

Pros and cons of Mind Movies

Well if you are hoping for a magic solution to all your problems, then this will be very disappointing.

There is hard work involved in achieving the success you may want in whatever field of your life. It may be a bit discouraging when you realize you have to work at achieving that success.

This though shouldn’t be a big deal since you have full-time support when you are thinking of giving up; there is a support system that will pump more positivity into you.
The power of these brainwaves is amazing. You can imagine being able to go to sleep and wake up more positive than you were before.

Many of these other programs leave you to do a lot on your own but Mind Movie Matrix provides constant support to ensure that you succeed.
The Money back guarantee makes it so easy to join the program since you are taking up a win-win offer.

 mind movies

What you get

When you purchase the Mind Movie Matrix, you will get movies that you can play on your computer while you attend to other work. It is an ever-present motivation that you can have in the background at all times.
You will also get online access to the support system as part of the bonus.


WHY Mind Movies Matrix?

Morry Zelcovich along with his team of leading authorities have created a series of movies and subliminal audio files that have been designed to change your life. They focus on critical areas of your life that impact you the most; finances, personal relationships, romance and your sleep habits.

It is a convenient and easy to use program that has also been referred to as entertaining.
The program uses self-growth techniques like affirmations and meditation and utilizes a power to train your brain through subliminal messaging techniques. When you receive the program it comes with; a PDF  to explain the theories and the science behind the concept and six powerful movies as well as four subliminal audios.

The audios will range from half an hour to an hour in length for listening time.
The program is designed to clean your mind and fill it instead with positive thoughts and to get your ideas aligned with your values.

This is a very uplifting and positive program that will make you feel happier, more motivated and able to reach your personal goals with gained determination you receive from watching the movies and listening to the audios.

They have made the program extremely easy to use. The audios can be heard online, saved to your computer or downloaded for easy listening on your mobile phone.

Each of the movies are short so they do not take up a lot of your time and are enjoyable to view. To get the maximum benefit from the program view one in the morning and another at night.
The audio files are bit longer than the movies but they can be listened to as you perform your daily tasks. While you perform your normal routines you can listen to almost two million positive affirmations.

They will bypass your conscious thought and go right to your subconscious to be easily integrated.

You will completely enjoy listening to these audios as they contain incredible relaxing sounds of birds chirping or waves on the beach.

mind movies matrix review
This is the perfect program for anyone looking to

  1. lose weight,
  2. sleep better, and
  3. improve their relationships or
  4. get rid of beliefs that are failing your outer and inner success

even if you need improvement in all these areas. It will take little of your time to receive these great mind benefits.

And Why Morry Zelcovich?

Morry Zelcovich is an expert on brainwave entrainment and subliminal programming and is the creator of the Morry Method.

Morry realized the effects sound and tones played on his mental state which led him on a long journey into the study of brainwave entrainment. He studied extensively with experts to become one of the few Certified Brainwave Entrainment Engineers in the world.
Morry was not satisfied keeping the information he discovered to himself, so he created the:

Morry Method techniques which are recordings available in

  • Quantum Mind Power,
  • Quantum Confidence and

….his legion of listeners are totally convinced in the power of his messages. His newest release is Mind Movies Matrix.

Bonuses for Mind Movies

When you order the Mind Movies Matrix it will be included with two amazing bonuses.

The first bonus is, Mind Mastery World Summit. These are eleven DVD’s worth of transformational information.

Presentations on the DVDs include Bob Proctor, Bob Doyle, Harv Eker and more. The second bonus is, Annual Access to the incredible support system for Subliminal Success which normally costs $37 a month to access.

Reviews & Testimonials on Mind Movies Matrix

There were few if any cons to this program and many pros. It has been cited to be a tool that will help you clarify what you think. It enables you to visualize in great detail the messages it provides to you.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 4.14.35 PM

Want the quiz…click below




Mind Movies Matrix Reviews

Get your Free Negative Childhood Blueprint

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